Would you like to be a Star?

We all know people who have lost their light due to housing insecurity, family sickness or death, mental health issues, or financial challenges.  $100 makes a tremendous difference in the lives of people in need.

$100 provides …

  • One year’s worth of clothing for a child
  • Two seniors with winter coats & accessories
  • One woman and two children with emergency clothing

We are asking for 300 people to donate $100 each to support Ruth’s House programs. Reach into your heart and wallet, and be connected to a great cause. Your donation will help many people in the Merrimack Valley area. 

Questions? Contact Eva Montibello at (617) 699-7181 or eva@alphaeconsulting.com.

Seeking Stars!

Do you work for a company?  Have a big family?  Do you “know people”?  Would you like to bring the Celebration of Stars to your group?  Reach out – we would love to share more about the giving programs with you!

Make a Donation Today!

When 300 people have donated – a small gift will be given to each of the 300 people who donate as a token of our appreciation … thank you for considering a donation!  Donate today!

Special Thanks to our Stars!