Are you a star?

We all know people who have lost their light temporarily due to housing insecurity, sickness or death, mental health issues, or having financial challenges.  As someone who is a leader in the community and whose generosity has impacted so many — you know what it feels like to change someone’s life. Whether it was the way you were raised, or your religious influences, or to feel a closeness to our greater community there are so many powerful stories that are created inside the four walls of Ruth’s Thrift Shop. 

We are only asking for 300 people to donate $100 each to support Ruth’s Thrift Shop programs.  Please reach into your heart and be connected to our great cause.  Your donation will help so many in the Greater Merrimack Valley. There is an opportunity to memorialize a loved one or friend if that is a desire of yours.

Questions? Contact Eva Montibello at (617) 699-7181 or

Seeking Stars!

Do you work for a company?  Have a big family?  Do you “know people”?  Would you like to bring the Celebration of Stars to your group?  Reach out – we would love to share more about the group giving program with you!

Make a Donation Today!

When 300 people have donated – a small, delightful gift will be given to each of the 300 people who donate as a token of our appreciation from our local caterer … Queen City Catering!

Special Thanks to our Stars!